City of Lynnwood

Scriber Creek Trail Phase 2

Project Description

This Contract provides for improvement of Scriber Creek Trail Phase 2, which runs from north of 200th St SW to the southwest corner of Lynnwood Transit Center. The work includes but not limited to construction of approximately 0.4 miles of 10- to 12-foot-wide paved trail with gravel shoulders, 910 feet of elevated boardwalk structure, cement concrete sidewalk, curb ramps, curb and gutter, stormwater conveyance system, concrete driveway crossings, erosion control, site preparation, grading, utility adjustments/relocation, roadway channelization striping, pavement markings, trail amenities, permanent signage, signal system modification at the intersection of 200th St SW/Cedar Valley RD and other electrical appurtenances including service cabinet, signal controller, electrical lines and junction boxes, illumination system, wetland mitigation planting, traffic control, and other miscellaneous work.




City of Lynnwood


200th ST SW; Lynnwood

Contract Value: