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About Us

Taking on the largest projects in the Northwest region


Quality, Ethics, & Safety

OMA Construction has become known synonymously with excellence throughout the Northwest. The reputation that we have earned in the construction community has come from having the finest employees in all areas of the business. We pride ourselves in building our team with the most valuable, experienced, and knowledgeable people from all different backgrounds. Our combined management team alone has over 100 years of knowledge in the construction industry to draw upon. This is the main key to making OMA Construction the success it is – the OMA People.

Expert Training

Commitment to Integrity

With the expert training that all OMA Construction employees are required to have or obtain prior to joining us, we are able to take on some of the largest projects in the Northwest region. Paramount to all else, our commitment to provide a quality project done with integrity, and finished on time is pertinent to our success. We believe in creating quality lasting relationships with everyone we work with – customers, employees and suppliers.


Corporate Culture of Simplicity

OMA Construction strives to instill diversity within the construction industry across the Northwest and the country. We encourage working with other minority contractors to bring a mix of all types of people into the field. We feel that treating everyone honestly and fairly has enabled us to create a corporate culture of simplicity which is one of the highest regarded assets we have.

Opportunity for us

Shaping the Construction Industry

Our company, dating back to 1998 is still a relatively new company; yet this gives us to opportunity to help shape where the construction industry is going in decades to come. Whatever our clients’ needs are now or in the future, we will continue to provide the best service no matter how large or small the project to achieveour corporate strategic goals.